Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Maybe Buying a Pickup Truck

E.: Why do you want to buy that truck? It's so old!
M.: Even though it's a different year, it's the same make and model as the truck that hit me. It's very primal to own your enemy's possessions. It's like when the Indians of the Plains would "count coup" on their enemies. Or drinking your fallen enemy's blood to gain strength. I want to own everything he owns.
E.: That's a stupid reason to buy a truck.
M.: The logic is irresistible. I feel stronger already.
E.: He blopped us at $1,900, and we blopped him at $1,500.
M.: He blopped us?
E.: Yes!
M.: What's blopped?
E.: It comes from gambling.
M.: ????
E.: Bluffed.
M.: Oh! Yes, he blopped us at $1,900, and we blopped him at $1,500, and we'll meet somewhere in the middle.

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