Wednesday, December 27, 2017

A Lame Repair

I repaired the gate, same as it was before, with one minor enhancement, but the gate was badly built in the first place. The nuts on the bolts holding the gate are on the outside, so all anybody needs is a wrench and some time to dismantle it. The enhancement is to string a thin bicycle cable through the gate and the chain link fence, so one now also needs a cable cutter to remove the gate, but we aren’t talking about Ft. Knox here. There is a second gate on the other side of the yard with the same defects.

Somehow, I suspect I won’t have more problems. Most crime around here is opportunistic. I may be missing a hammer, and someone broke a sprinkler and a riser out front for no good reason. That will be a hassle in the spring. Maybe I’m getting harassed.

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