Sunday, October 22, 2017

Did I Swallow A Placker?

I suppose it was inevitable - that it would have happened one of these nights. In my sleep, I swallowed a disposable, Placker ‘Grind No More’ teeth night guard. It went down smoothly enough, but there’s a whole system there....

Here’s what they look like. Pretty flexible in the middle (but flexible enough?). I’ve been trying to make myself puke. No luck, so far. Heading to the pharmacy to get some ipecac.

Maybe I’m psyching myself out. I just found one in the bed sheets. Ever so slightly moist. Is it the right one? I have about half a dozen floating around. Finding one in the bed is a good sign, but no guarantee. Maybe it’s all a dream? Maybe I’ll go to the pharmacy anyway. Puking is the best.

They don’t carry ipecac at Rite-Aid or Walgreens. Seems odd; they carry greeting cards, but not this health related thing. A woman there recommended salt water - it worked on her child - so I drank some, but I don’t have the will to drink enough to violently hurl - just gag. So, given that I’m not even sure what happened maybe I’ll just wait.

Sleep for most people is restful, but for me it’s a very dynamic process.

I showed one to Elaine, a retired doctor. Her opinion was, if I actually swallowed one, that since it had no sharp edges, it should go through just fine.

I usually have at least 2 in my mouth when I sleep, since I grind teeth. I started gagging in my sleep: it’s possible one got out of place. I thought I felt something in my throat, but it could have been a bit of late night hamburger instead. So, who knows? Actually, I will know, in a day or two.

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