Wednesday, August 30, 2017

People Need To Stop Yelling at Houston

I have many issues with Texan political culture, but on this specific matter, the stay-at-home people have been the more realistic than the folks urging immediate evacuation.

But now that the storm has passed, the hard work can start, and a more-specific, more-realistic evacuation can commence. Big parts of Houston have been rendered unlivable, or certainly dodgy. Repairing the torn fabric of the city will be hard work:
Houstonians who didn't evacuate aren't stupid, or arrogant, or naive. They didn't have their heads in the sand and they didn't ignore the weather predictions. They're people with a better sense of what's involved in a major evacuation, and what could possibly go wrong, than most of the people in this country. Stop second-guessing their mayor, stop shaking your head at "those people" and mocking them for needing to be plucked off their rooftops by helicopters.

Help them.

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