Thursday, July 27, 2017

Man Stands Trial For Homeless Woman's Death

Last August, a homeless woman was murdered at the Broadway/Highway 99 underpass. A man is now standing trial for that murder.

I was always bothered by that underpass, so never walked Bella there. I was creeped out enough walking her through the neighboring X St./Highway 99 underpass. Something about the unusually-large number of homeless people in the area, the darkness, the distances, and the many hiding places. Not as warm and cozy as the underpasses under the W-X freeway.

Not that any of that matters much when dealing with a murderer:
By Aug. 1, 2016, Brownlee was “fed up” with his living situation, he told detectives. He was unable to get a job. Police chased him from sleeping spot to sleeping spot. The streets were filled with heroin addicts and prostitutes. His mental health was suffering.

After an argument with his girlfriend that evening, he said, he was wandering along Broadway when he spotted Brandow rustling through her belongings at her camp.

“I snapped,” he said, and began strangling her. Once he saw Brandow’s eyes roll back in her head and her body go limp, “I basically panicked and just took off,” he said.

He was silent about the crime until Sept. 18, he said, when he told a friend, LaShon Mitchell, that he had killed a woman “by the freeway.” He told her he wanted to confess, in part to get off of the streets.

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