Thursday, June 15, 2017

CORE- Lost Angles

The folks at CORE are the very best!

Plus, this work is very congenial to the Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul aesthetic, with which I'm currently deeply preoccupied as I prepare my revised "Guidebook to Breaking Bad Filming Locations."
You could be a wolf one day
Just howling away
Don’t you look at me though
‘Cause I'm fine
I would never hurt you
You're how I get through
There's a reason
That people move
Or people don't
People change or people
Stay the same completely
When it's such a
It's such a shortened life
So why accumulate it
Only then to leave it
Is it better

Plus, it's nice to see Taylor Payne dancing. I've seen her dancing since she was a tween.

Choreography by Jared Baker
Videography by Andrea Cavaliere
Music by James Vincent McMorrow

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