Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Crow Chases Panicked Dove

I was startled by a thuggish crow. At the stop light on 2nd St. near Target and TJ Maxx in Davis, while heading over to Wok of Flame after Peter Pan strike, I watched a crow chase an evasive dove. I thought I saw something fall out of a tree when the dove raced through a tree canopy seeking escape. What was that? Was the crow going after nestlings? What the hell was going on? I've never seen a crow do this before.

The dove escaped, so the crow joined its posse of crows circling near Mace Ranch Rd. & I-80. Those crows were also behaving in weird, uncharacteristic ways, hovering and diving as if on a hunt.

After dinner, I returned to the mugging site and in the fading light walked the ground looking for nestlings in the landscaping, but found nothing.

Damned crows! Leave the doves alone!

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