Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Big Fire In Midtown

And those fine murals were damaged:
The fire at the Japanese Imports Service & Repair, at the northwest corner of 17th and J streets, left much of the repair shop a charred hulk. Much of the roof was completely destroyed, and firefighters were quick to hose down vehicles that had been stored over the weekend for repair.

Firefighters said they were particularly concerned about preventing the fire from spreading to adjacent businesses, including the American Graffiti tattoo parlor and Lucca Restaurant and Bar.

Chris Harvey, a spokesman for the Sacramento fire department, said firefighters were able to contain the fire and keep it from damaging other businesses. However, the fire did considerable harm to artists’ murals on Improv Alley behind the repair shop.

In addition, Lucca had to cancel Easter brunch because power was cut to its building. The restaurant suffered mild smoke and water damage, and the skylights overlooking a back room were melted, said co-owner Ron Gilliland.

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