Thursday, January 26, 2017

Not Sympathetic To 'Twelve Rounds' Problems

Business owners have to be circumspect:
Calls for a boycott and a public outcry over social media posts left Twelve Rounds Brewing owner Daniel Murphy reeling Tuesday morning as he expressed shock at the instant reaction to his Facebook political rant and concern that his East Sacramento business could be severely hurt.

The controversy erupted on Twitter late Monday after word got out that Murphy had posted on his personal Facebook page: “I am disgusted at all of the people and politicians that supported this anti-Trump event.” He was referring to the women’s march in the nation’s capital and scores of similar protests in cities throughout the country.

In largely Democratic East Sacramento, the comment unleashed an immediate and widespread backlash as several loyal customers said they wouldn’t return and others pledged to never spend their money at the popular business.
Things have gotten worse:
The backlash grew Thursday against an East Sacramento brewery over its owner’s Facebook posts slamming the Women’s March, Muslims and other targets, with several local businesses saying they were dropping the beer of Twelve Rounds Brewing and the brewery backing out of a major beer event scheduled for Friday.

Amid growing concerns that its presence would be a distraction at an upscale beer showcase, organizers of the Art of Beer Invitational reached out to Twelve Rounds Brewing to talk about its scheduled participation. The event, which attracts scores of top breweries and is a fundraiser for Sol Collective, the art and cultural center in Sacramento, has emerged in recent years as a high-profile event on the regional craft beer calendar.

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