Monday, January 30, 2017

E. Discusses Trump's Problems

(E. spots headline on my computer screen, entitled "Psychologists believe Trump is showing signs of severe mental illness".)

E.: MMMMMAAARRRRCCCC! I believe that headline might be true, because he's nearly alone!

M.: Trump is nearly alone?

E.: Yes! Did you see him in all those debates with Hillary? There was no one around him. There's no one to help him. He's doing it all by himself. Can you imagine? All that stress! I don't even think his wife is helping him, or his daughter and her husband. Can you imagine how hard that must be? Running for President all by yourself, until maybe Election Day, when everyone else showed up, or something?

M.: So, maybe Trump isn't getting enough sleep, trying to do it all himself.

E.: Yes. Poor guy. All he wants is to make America great again, but no one's helping. So, maybe he's showing signs of mental illness. He's the oldest President too. That doesn't help.

M.: Poor guy!

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