Saturday, December 03, 2016

RIP, Bella the Dog

Poor Bella. The cancer had made her life increasingly-miserable.

It was hard to know when to put Bella down. At least near Sparky's end in 2009, his personality changed as the heart disease accelerated. It was easier to tell when to end the suffering. But with Bella, she kept her personality, never showed pain, and was stoic to the end.

Bella was unusually thirsty Friday morning, but otherwise in a pretty good mood. I've had unusual sleep disturbance all week long, and it slowly dawned on me that the cause may well have been the necessity of making a final decision regarding her fate. I spent time Thursday with her previous owner, Joe the Plumber. All along, I thought he was in denial about her condition, but we finally came to agreement Thursday afternoon about what needed to be done. Joe accompanied me. Thanks to the folks at Midtown Animal Hospital, Sacramento.

Bella plans for the future on Friday morning by burying a Milk Bone.

Resting and wondering at the fuss.

At the vet.

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