Monday, December 12, 2016

"Resilience" - Sacramento Contemporary Dance Theatre - Folsom High School's Jill Solberg Performing Arts Center - 12/10/16

What a wonderful performance by Sacramento Contemporary Dance Theatre! "Resilience" was a fundraiser for UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center. ASL signing was provided.

The various songs expressed the stages of learning about, and adapting to, cancer diagnoses.

Folsom High School's Jill Solberg Performing Arts Center.

Such good, good dancers! I was speaking afterwards with Ron Cisneros, and he was emphatic about how this was the best dance show he had seen in a long, long time.


I was surprised how small the dancers seemed after the show. They looked so big on stage. It's all smoke and mirrors, of course. Stage smoke in this case, which added depth and atmosphere. Great sound system. I never did fully understand the curtain system. They'd sometimes seem to close in from the sides and then open again upwards. That can't happen, can it? Sometimes the curtains seemed as captivating as the people on stage. The benefits of a good theater!

Marc Valdez and SCDT President Jacob Montoya.

Jake is doing amazing things up here in Folsom!

Lead dancer Ashley Celaya Mondragon is SO expressive! A triumph for her!

I watched the other dancers, but no one caught the inspiration of the music quite as well as Ashley Celaya Mondragon. Just the best!

Wonderful singing as well by Sara Ivy Logan and Maggie Elizabeth May.

I began thinking of the dancers as neurons, their hands as axons and dendrites, and their contacts with each other as synapses. As the patient learns about the cancer and communicates that news to the rest of the body, the message gets transmitted via the contacts.

Here are a couple of videos explaining neurons (they all seem bad - still trying to find the best one).


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