Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Unusual October Rainfall in October

The wettest month in Sacramento is typically January (normal January rainfall is 4.18 inches). This October, we exceeded that wettest month (4.41 inches - normal October rainfall is 1.00 inches). 441% of normal!

At Sacramento Executive Airport, 4.76 inches of rain fell in October, more than any other October since they started recording there in 1941, except the 7.51 inches that fell in October, 1962.

Not enough rain fell last night to win third place at the official monitoring site for Sacramento. (The measurement location has moved several times since they started recording in 1849; these days, it's near Sac State).

2016 is officially the fourth wettest October on record. The Top 5 years are: 1962 (6.85"), 1889 (6.02"), 1899 (4.46"), 2016 (4.41"), 1876 (3.45").

A storm should pass through next weekend, but apart from that, early November looks like it will be mostly dry.

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