Friday, November 25, 2016

Been Upgrading "Breaking Bad" and "Better Call Saul" Posts

Next April, or so, I will issue a new version (4th Edition) of my "Guidebook to 'Breaking Bad' Filming Locations". I've been busy doing rinky-dink improvements to street and episode references in my blogposts and the draft Guidebook, to help lift the general level of the works. Since there are roughly half-a-million words in the reference blogposts, and nearly 70,000 words in the book itself, even the rinkiest-dinkiest of improvements take a long time to implement. Once Season 3 of "Better Call Saul" starts (sometime in February?) changes will come fast and furious. I have to be ready.

A holiday time is perfect for that effort. It's taken me two full days - I expected it to take two full weeks. Kick ass!

I have two books coming from Amazon in regards to the 1933-34 Chicago "Century of Progress International Exposition". Those books likely contain crucial information for the talk that I'm going to give at the SWPACA conference in Albuquerque in February. I will read with excitement!

I can hardly wait to give that talk in February!

Made a major financial adjustment today. Time to prepare for that fucker Donald Trump becoming President. I'll make more adjustments after the New Year starts.

There are other events coming up. Maybe a trip to Hollywood with Jetta. I have reservations about that trip.

Then, maybe in March (my host Andrew has requested a postponement), a trip to Brisbane, Queensland, Australia! Check out the scene there. Laugh at kookaburras and startle burrowing echidnas!

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