Thursday, October 13, 2016

Chaos At The Flame Club

If Bella hadn't gotten sick we might have been involved with this shooting too. We often passed by at 1:30 a.m. The place made me uneasy, given that so many people were in cars in the parking lot, and comparatively few inside. A lack of control:
It was getting close to last call early Saturday morning at Flame Club, a midtown dive bar known for its cheap drinks and understated vibe, when Diana Anderson and her friend Tanya Faison spotted trouble brewing.

Two men at the bar began raising their voices, then swinging their fists.

“Everybody get out!” a manager yelled, and dozens of people abandoned their beers and cocktails and poured out the door.

“As soon as we got outside, we heard gunshots,” Anderson said. Their first instinct was to leave. But as they ran from the bar at 16th and V, “something told me I needed to go back,” Anderson said. They returned to find two men lying on the ground, and one was not moving. Anderson, who said she has long been certified in CPR but had never had to use it in an emergency situation, stepped in.

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