Thursday, August 11, 2016


People break wide when Bella comes down the sidewalk, but there are exceptions. One fellow on a bike flagged me down to ask if I had a flashlight for sale; puzzling, since I wasn't using one.

Mostly quiet on our walks, of late. I've been wondering why people have been idling in their cars not far from our house - some Pokemon thing? I was startled by someone slamming an apartment window directly above our heads. Bella has been working out the food-friendliest parts of the Safeway Supermarket parking lot. I've been working out the comings and goings of the Midtown bat colony.

I finally turned in the stolen purse we found to the Sacramento Police Department, after first getting word to the victim via Yuba Community College's Police Department that her purse had been found.

Overheard part of a conversation between a homeless man and woman. Apparently the woman was in the process of stealing back a bicycle cart from another woman. She said: "She took it from me, and she completely trashed it, and it was like ripping my heart out, you know?" The woman then followed Bella and I back to our home alley. A little strange.

Last night, about 1:10 a.m., when Bella and I turned into the 16th Street/ Highway 50 underpass, two cops bearing flashlights came from the opposite direction on the other side of the street. They were searching for something. Uh, oh.

The AM/PM Convenience Store at 16th & W Street was closed with police tape. We approached and learned that a robbery had been committed. Police were interviewing witnesses. (No report yet on Sacramento Police Log.) That convenience store has such easy access via freeways - the perps were likely far gone.

Bella dragged me on to the 17th Street corridor. A block away, police were continuing to search for something, perhaps a weapon. I started looking in the shrubbery too. Bella picked up on the searching theme, and found a cat under a pickup truck.

I like the fact that the people in this area are concerned with self-esteem issues (on 16th, near R Street).

[UPDATE: Here is what we missed, by 40 minutes, or so: "16-232125 (Robbery): 2200 block of 16th St at 0029 hours.

A male suspect entered the business location armed with a firearm. The suspect fired the weapon striking the victim employee. The suspect stole an undisclosed amount of cash and fled on foot. Sacramento Fire Personnel responded to the location to check the non-life threatening injuries. Officers canvassed the scene for evidence. The investigation remains active and no arrests have been made."]

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