Thursday, August 25, 2016

San Diego, Lindbergh Field, Thursday Afternoon, August 18, 2016

Alaska Airlines aircraft.

Southwest Airlines aircraft.

Alaska Airlines terminal.

Coronado Bay in background.

Shelter Island Yacht Basin and Point Loma.

Coronado Bay.

Point Loma High School.

Point Loma.

Approaching Pacific maritime stratus clouds.

Banking back towards San Diego.

Edge of the Pacific maritime stratus.

Downtown San Diego.

Coronado Bay and Coronado Island.

Point Loma, Coronado Bay, and Mission Bay.

Coronado Bay and Coronado Island.

Mission Bay.

Downtown San Diego.

San Diego - Coronado Bridge.

Looking inland, past San Diego.

East Plaza Blvd. and Paradise Village, along the 805.

Paradise Village.

The 805, Paradise Hills, and Encanto.

Salt Creek Golf Club.

Planes arriving at Lindbergh Field first swing past Mount San Miguel before entering the final glide path. Down below, an airliner is visible on the final glide path.

Mount San Miguel.

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