Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A To-Do List

On May 13th, Bella and I went back to see if we could find again the homeless woman’s journal we stumbled across on Wednesday night. The journal was gone, but the few written pages in the journal had been ripped out and scattered, so I picked them up to read them in more detail, out of curiosity about life on the street.

It’s mostly relationship stuff, though. Discussing her boyfriend, she writes “im thinking he went to his MOMS but i dnt knoe so wat im doing is bout to look to see if he’s in the system I really hope he didnt go to jail I would be hurt”.

She also writes a “To Do” list. There was also another “To Do” list written by someone else and left lying in the street, that includes:

Go to meetup.com
Start journalling again, and coloring
Drop gov’t class
Need comfy pants
Look into things you want to do
Get organize
Start going to Chico more
Hike (by yourself)
Look up books you need
Clean the s..t out of your apt

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