Monday, December 07, 2015

Ran Away

Tonight for Bella's walk, I decided to wear a black windbreaker, not only for warmth but because I would be dressed in black from head to toe. The windbreaker would make me look a little more formidable on the street.

When Bella and I reached 21st Street, when we usually turn south, my eye caught surreptitious movement. A man was sprinting north on the dark sidewalk - running away from us as fast as he could possibly run. Vastly surprised, I watched him run away until he reached Broadway, a block and a half away, and keep running at high speed, until he had vanished.

Out of curiosity, we changed direction and headed north too, to where I had first seen him, by the cemetery. There was a pile of trash there - old empty plastic cups and cardboard boxes - but nothing of apparent value. It was all a complete mystery.

Reminded of the familiar poster from the early Seventies.

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