Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Employment Status

Here at work as an air quality dispersion modeler, I’ve been quite worried about my employment status for the last nine years, since the new dispersion modeler came on board in 2006. It’s been obvious my employer couldn’t keep us both fully occupied with the amount of available work, but through the Recession they kept us both on anyway. (It’s been a blessing, because I’ve been able to lots of other things with the excess time, like write, blog, and focus on “Breaking Bad”). Still, my employer almost dropped me last year, and I’ve been waiting for this year’s review with dread. Things had been busier this year than last, but I also saw no new work in the pipeline, and fretted….

Today was the review. The result is, I will be dropped to part-time status, but I requested that the transition be delayed until May 1st (when I will turn age 59.5, and be able to access retirement money without 10% penalty), and they agreed. And I retain health benefits for a year. So, come mid-year, or maybe even sooner, I’ll be free to take on part-time work, or possibly retire early (although the money isn’t there for anything but the most Spartan kind of retirement). Still, the transition won’t be as abrupt as I feared likely.

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