Monday, November 16, 2015

Our Bad Bitch is Badder Than Your Baddest!

Carried away with hometown pride. Our bad bitch is badder than your baddest!
After ring announcer Bruce Buffer announced Holm as the new champion, Holm walked over to Rousey, embraced her and whispered in her ear: “I went over to Ronda and said ‘Thank you so much. I don’t have this opportunity without you. You’re a great champion and I appreciate you.'”

Rousey spent the night in a Melbourne hospital. There are conflicting reports about the extent of Rousey’s injuries.

“At the end of the the day, I still want my opponents to be healthy and good,” Holm said. “It’s a sport. This is not something I do with any bit of an evil heart. I just wanted to show my respect for her.”

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