Thursday, October 09, 2014

Purse Stolen At Arden Fair Macy's

Well, this sucks balls. Accompanied E. to Arden Fair Macy's on Tuesday evening to buy a dress for an upcoming wedding. Thief was already in the fitting room and posing as store personnel. She walked out with E.'s purse and $300 in cash.

Store management was rather clinical about the whole thing. Wonder if this happens often, or maybe it's just no one knows how to react to events like this: "sorry for your loss"? Security wasn't able to locate purse outside (assuming it had been rifled and quickly tossed).

Thief took E.'s iPhone 3. Didn't have Enhanced Support on it, so they couldn't trace it. Maybe time to upgrade that phone! Still, she couldn't call her BF, or cancel checks quickly, or attend to changing house keys quickly because we had to go to Kaiser ER first to try and to get meds replaced. Wanted to get Sac PD to do a driveby of the house just to make sure it was safe, but Sac PD don't do drivebys, it seems. Call them back if the place has been ransacked, they recommend.

The ironic thing is that E. never, ever, EVER wins at the casino - no one in the Universe has ever had worse luck - EXCEPT the day before, when she apparently crept over there and won $200. Universe is trying to tell her something.

It was interesting was how the thief posed as store personnel and guided E. to the preferred location in the fitting room for the theft, then departed just as E. came out to model the dress, thus distracting me. Diabolical. No description at all. A fuzzy picture of the thief departing the store was apparently recorded, but nothing clear. That door on the north side of the second level is just too close to the fitting room.

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