Monday, December 19, 2011

Murdoch And His Minions REALLY Hate Ron Paul!

It's a real 24/7 Hate-A-Thon over there at FOX News these days, all directed to discrediting Ron Paul. Some people have even thought that Paul is ready to implode the way the other Flavor-Of-The-Month candidates have imploded. But Paul has been remarkably consistent, for years, on his foreign policy, and his more-isolationist approach jibes well with the current U.S. withdrawal from Iraq. Implosion is unlikely. More likely is that Paul's world view will catch on with the rest of the GOP. The cognitive dissonance in the party regarding Small Government/Big Government might finally be resolved.

The ascendant neo-cons in the GOP are properly fearful that their next grand project, the overthrow of Iran, could be derailed by Paul. Well, war with Iran should be derailed. We have little to gain, and much to lose, by a new war. If it means all of Murdoch's plans get torn to shreds by Paul's ascendance, well, it's a small price to pay.

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