Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Folks In Vegas Can't Quite See Trump's Payoff

But they can smell a rat a mile away:
Anyway, what we see here is a pattern of the White House and Trump flirting over ballrooms and oil spills. All we need is another dot.

Enter Glenn Beck: “So a lot of people think that George Soros is nothing to worry about, Donald Trump. Donald Trump took investment money from George Soros to build the Trump Tower in Chicago.”

Aha! Soros. Soros, the billionaire financier who has supported democracy efforts in former communist bloc countries and left-wing causes in the U.S.

And ... Chicago. Hmm ... Chicago. What foreign-born U.S. president learned radical Saul Alinsky-style politics in Chicago? You know who.

So, we know Trump is connected to Soros, and of course we know Soros is secretly running the White House.

Now, what does Trump get in return for his service to the White House, what does he get by acting like a loathsome buffoon and making a mockery of the Republican nominating process?

That I haven’t figured out yet. There’s some dirty deal, and I suspect Las Vegas has something to do with it. We always do.

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