Monday, December 13, 2010

The Neighborly Thing

It wasn't until rain started falling that a critical weakness of the refurbished porch became evident: it didn't have a consistent slope and water pooled at the western end. Joe the Plumber became obsessed with the flaw in his creation and begged for time to carry out repairs. I tend to be pretty fatalistic about engineering flaws, and was in no hurry, but Joe persisted. This weekend I gave the go-ahead to effect repairs.

But it was hard to keep Joe focused on the job. Saturday afternoon, I came out onto the front porch, and found him shouting at the lady next door, who was trying to hang Christmas lights. Joe turned to me and shouted: "Hey Marc! I've been hitting on your next door neighbor!". I rolled my eyes and gamely replied: "That's nice! That's the neighborly thing to do!"

The lady next door smiled. Truth is, I think she liked the attention.

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