Friday, January 22, 2010

Creeped Out By The Testimony In The Mary Ourk Murder Trial

Because all this happened on streets I frequent every day:
At first, the 28-year-old Anguiano testified, she didn't make a whole lot out of West's drunken, late-night ramblings he purportedly related to her in November 2007.

It wasn't until the next summer, Anguiano said, that she started to put it all together – after she became friends with another former girlfriend of West's, and after the other ex said he also told her about the shooting, with more incriminating details.

"She told me that he had called her in the middle of the night saying that he had shot someone," Anguiano testified, under questioning from Deputy District Attorney Jeff Ritschard. "She said that it was outside a club, and that he followed someone. … She told me that he killed a random girl and I asked her where this happened and she said in Sacramento, and she told me the exact location."

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