Friday, August 01, 2008

"bare" Now Open!

Left: Ian Cullity

Catch the SacBee Ticket story!:
This weekend, Artistic Differences opens "bare," a new pop-rock sensation for the 21st century. The musical, with book by Jon Hartmere Jr. and Damon Intrabartolo, lyrics by Hartmere and music by Intrabartolo, tells the story of two high school students and their life and sexual confusion at a Catholic boarding school.

[Erik] Daniells didn't know what show he wanted to do until his friend and associate Kevin Caravalho brought him the music to "bare."

"It's one of those shows that just captures you," Caravalho says.

"A friend gave me a pirated CD and said, 'If you just hear a couple songs from the show, you're gonna be hooked.' And he was right," Caravalho says. "It has a voice for young America that is fresh and textured. It isn't cartoonish."

While Caravalho loved the idea of the play, he still had to persuade others, which he eventually did.

"We're taking a calculated risk, but this is our vision," Caravalho adds. He's directing the show, with Daniells leading the production's band from his piano.

"We're trying to do shows that make you think, make you question and challenge you," Caravalho says.

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