Wednesday, May 24, 2006


(As summarized from MikeMac's E-Mails):

This morning, John is in surgery. The orthopedists are making their first efforts on John's legs. They've been impatiently waiting until his condition stabilized enough to start work. Surgeons are also doing abdominal work. Apparently, guest visits will be suspended for a short time immediately following surgery. According to MikeMac:
Juan & Co. will be waiting off on seeing him after the surgery, preferring to make sure he has enough time to recuperate before surrounding him again.
Nevertheless, people are still encouraged to come visit John:
He's still in Tower 2 of the UCD Medical Center, SICU1 on level 2 (Google Maps). The parking structure is on the right as you turn off of Stockton towards the Medical Center. An information desk is directly inside the hospital to the east (right on the map) of the parking structure, and they can direct you to "SI1".
Continuing quoting MikeMac:

Apparently, when a nurse was flushing out his mouth early this morning, he opened his eyes! This is not to say he was fully aware of where he was, but it is a Very Good Thing.

We saw John extensively last night, and he looks considerably better than the previous day. The dialysis seems to be working, and he doesn't appear as swollen as before. He's still unconcious, but the nurses feel he's reaching a point where they can ask him if he can open his eyes. His hand seems to tighten a little sometimes around people's hands, and when I tell him an off-color joke, the spasms seem sort of like laughter. Juan says the best thing is for people to just be there, holding his hand, touching his head and talking to him.

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