Friday, January 07, 2005

The Straw Man Surfs Past

Who, precisely, are these environmentalists that The New Republic is worried about, the ones that confuse inadequate disaster preparedness regarding tsunamis with global-warming related risks of more powerful hurricanes, etc.? No one I know. Very, very few people, in fact, as Salon points out. My guess is that anti-climate-change people are looking for a scapegoat, and they thought they saw one here, so they ginned up an ad-hoc auto-da-fe. Earth to torch-bearing peasants: your stupid environmentalist straw man doesn't exist. Ask real environmentalists, and you find reasonable positions (let's not cut down coastal mangroves in the tropics; let's avoid coastal development if possible, etc.), quite unlike the cartoon you are trying to draw (blaming global warming for everything).

Why are you troglodytes looking so hard for the environmental straw man? Not enough else to do? Don't you have an inaugural to prepare for? Time for you to go back to watching Fox News!

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