Thursday, December 16, 2004

Kerry Campaign Autopsy

Looks to me that the main reason for Kerry's defeat was simply a badly-run campaign organization. No number of Republican outrages will suffice to alienate the public if the Democratic camp can't run anything but an amateurish operation. How pathetic is it that even I noticed?:
While certain offices seemed to have more resources and people than they knew what to do with, other crucial areas were inexplicably undercut. In Las Cruces, N.M., one of largest cities in the state and a key to Kerry's chances there (he ended up losing New Mexico by a superable 6,000 votes), there was only a skeleton crew, and key staff were arriving just weeks before the election.
On July 20th, I wrote:
For example, despite large TV ad buys in New Mexico (my home state), there appears to be nothing happening in the Las Cruces area (second-largest city in the state).

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