Monday, October 06, 2003

Later on Sunday - Thanks for the Recall!

After lugging tons of stuff back home after the pancake breakfast, and after delivering last Monday's hard copy LA Times with our pictures in it to Pam Kay Lourentzos at the ballet class I was skipping that day, it was off to the State Capitol for the Alternative Candidates' rally. We had the north steps of the Capitol - Arnold had the south steps. Arnold had 'Twisted Sister', too much sunshine, circling helicopters, and a very large audience: we had about ten candidates, pleasant temperatures, circling pigeons, and whoever drifted past on their way to Arnold's rally. We did some nice debating, with Jon Zellhoefer posing questions to C.T. Weber, Gerold Gorman, and myself. Gerold and myself made a good tag team - maybe we should do radio together.

Christy Cassell set up a table to sell merchandise, and she spoke a little too. I find her presence to be a little mysterious, since she's not one of the 135 - I guess she's a write-in candidate. She's good-looking and apparently has a flair for merchandising. There have been a few other candidates too, including a Mr. Walton from San Diego, who also has a big bus, and a support staff too. I'm not sure if these folks are just people who barely missed qualifying for the ballot and decided to run write-in candidacies anyway, or whether they knew an opportunity when they saw it. In any case, they are another interesting wrinkle on the campaign.

Afterwards, I tried to encourage the candidates to follow me to Davis' Central Park for a meet-and-greet. Because I didn't ride Jim Vandeventer's big bus from southern California, I didn't realize that the bus wasn't going to San Francisco after all, but was instead returning empty to southern California. So if I was to get candidates to come to Davis, I would have to act fast. I agreed to meet Jon Zellhoefer at the Hyatt on L Street, but because I started talking to an Arnold supporter, I was slow getting over there.

Guess who I met in the lobby of the Hyatt in Sacramento? I strolled in, all sweaty, carrying my long, orange, utility-grade extension cord, and looking for Jon Zellhoefer. There was this familiar looking guy in the lobby talking to several young people, and saying something like "I didn't want to quit, I wanted to stay in, but (blah, blah, blah) soft money". It was Darrell Issa! I identified myself and thanked him for the recall! Then off I went to find my car....

I went to Davis, just to be sure if any candidates were there, but no one was there. I picked up the Sunday Davis Enterprise and saw Corey Golden's fine interview regarding myself, returned home for a shower, and then back to Davis again for DMTC's Sunday evening "Music Man" at the Varsity Theater in downtown Davis. What a day!

North steps of the State Capitol, with Jon Zellhoefer, C.T. Weber, Gerold Gorman, and the mysterious Chris Cassell

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